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Mastering the Coconut Money Formula

By Franco Gonzalez | List Building


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Jan 13
Coconut Money in Hawaii Franco Gonzalez

I have a question for you…

If I told you there was a firm, stable and consistently effective FORMULA for creating cash flow online, would you want to know what it was?

Millions of people do.

I did too. I wanted to learn the skills and the formula… the CODE to creating cash from nothing using only the internet. That was my main goal so I sought out people who had already figured it out and I modeled them.

And it was shocking how effective it was.

In this post one of my mentors, a super master of online selling and creating cash from nothing, shares with you exactly how to create what he calls, Coconut Money.”

And I think anyone who truly says they’re “not interested” in learning how to create cash flow out of nothing using the internet so they could live a life of complete time freedom & liberty… is insane.

EVERYBODY needs to be interested in this because this can help millions of people and it’s available to every single person with a brain.

So here it goes… Decoding the Coconut Money Formula, by “Mr. X”:


I had a vision to drink from coconuts on the beaches of the world…

…while my business churned out commissions on autopilot.

To me, that was my definition of “rich and free.”

Earning money in my business without being there. Answering to nobody, but myself.

Now, I don’t know what your version of rich and free is, but if you want to create that kind of outcome in your life there are three steps to doing it.

The three ‘levels of mastery towards coconut money.’

coconut money

Hilarious, isn’t it?

To me, being rich and free meant earning about $10,000/month. The truth is most people can be rich and free on a lot less than $10,000/month.

But $10,000 a month means mastering three things and creating a “SYSTEM” out of it.

1. Mastering traffic (leads).
2. Mastering sales (conversions).
3. Mastering upsells (monthly recurring income & big money cash flow).

That’s all there is to it.

If you’re not creating the results you want, you just haven’t mastered one of these three things.

* You can master traffic and generate leads all day long; but without mastering sales you can’t convert leads into customers.

* You can master traffic and sales, and make tiny commissions because you haven’t mastered upsells.

It’s important to note that you can easily earn $10,000 a month before you master these three things. Mastery requires months or years of built up skill.

$10,000 a month can be created within 90 days.

This post is important, and it applies to you no matter what stage in your business you’re at. People who are making $10, $20 or $30,000 a month still struggle with one of these steps.

Whether getting traffic, converting traffic into sales or upselling.

Let’s start with traffic.

Mastering Traffic

To create a 5 figure monthly income, you don’t need to be a traffic genius. You simply need a consistent flow of traffic coming into your business each day.

You could accomplish this by running ads, although it’s the most difficult way to get results unless you know what you’re doing.

Or  you could use social networks effectively and post daily, and promote your posts daily. Master social networks, get to a point where you know with absolute certainty that every post you publish will create exposure, leads and commissions.

The only way to do this, is to strategically post daily for at least 60 days and consistently promote your posts. The other way to master traffic is to buy traffic and earn more in commissions instantly from product sales.

Mastering Sales (conversions)

This is most people’s problem. They can get traffic, or they can at least buy some quantity of traffic. But they fail to convert their leads into sales.

This creates a problem with getting coconut money. Coconut money requires sales to happen automatically without your presence.

Most people’s problem with conversions is a result of a lack of marketing knowledge or sales ability. The fastest way to solve this is to learn how to build a value based marketing system.

Where you give value up front to subscribers, and position your offer as a solution. You give value in the form of content via social media and blog posts, videos and anything else. The truth is selling is easy, just pre-frame your offer in content and connect it to your audience’s core desires.

For example:

Show people why they need something (like a mastermind) to earn money (basic core desire), teach them how to market in social networks for free (the content), and offer them a marketing platform (like Simple Freedom Club) as an easy solution to get started.

You only need to make 2-5 front-end sales a day to create the results you want.

Mastering Upsells

This is what another class of marketers struggle with. The ones who are getting traffic, and making sales.

If you’re only making $20 a sale, it’s going to take you 500 sales per month to hit $10,000. But if your average sale jumps up to $300, you only need something like 33 sales or 1 sale a day.

Creating these initial results can be easy or it can be difficult. It’s up to your own mind to decide which you want. You can focus on how difficult it is and allow your unconscious mind to look for all the evidence around you.

Or you can focus on how easy it is, and allow your unconscious mind to automatically pick up on all the evidence that suggests its easy. It’s your own reality.

If you network and post daily and learn how to get traffic to your content and believe it’s easy; you won’t have much difficulty getting to 10-30 leads a day.

Once you’re creating results, that’s when this model can really work its magic.

Blowing Up Your Results x10

Imagine for a second you’re getting 100 content visitors a day, 15 leads, and 1 in 50 leads are buying. That means you’re getting about 2 sales a week.

Imagine your average sale makes you $100. $200 a week sounds kinda tiny, doesn’t it?

By looking at the 3 steps, the three key metrics in your business and blowing them all up by 3; your results skyrocket.


The fastest way to blow up your lead flow is to increase the conversion rate on your Squeeze page. With a few tweaks you might go from a 20% opt-in rate to a 50% opt-in rate.

That’s now 45 leads a day and 6 sales a week. After you’ve built up a lead flow, you can use tools like Power Lead System make your own pages.


If you tweak your email follow-up a little bit, and add in some high value driven content you might be able to triple your conversion rate so 3 in 50 leads buy.

You go from making 6 sales a week to 18 sales a week.


Making $100 a sale is cool, but what if you added a few extra upsells that went up to $3000 in price?

Tripling your $100 average customer value to $300 or even $1,000.

So you have 45 leads a day, 18 sales a week and a $300 customer value.

That’s $5,400 a week. Dramatically different to the $200 a week you were making before.

Having the vehicle that earns you $500, $1,000 and $2,000 per commission on top of your monthly recurring passive income from a membership based offer.

That’s how you become rich and free.

You can review the system I use to do just that, here.

In this program, I work with you directly helping you close your sales and I help create and link up this automated marketing system for your use as well:

You master traffic, conversions and upsells. Working on one after the other, going over and over them increasing your results each time.

Pretty cool example, right?

Franco Gonzalez Coconut Money Code


Click to read the COCONUT MONEY CODE booklet online.

To your Freedom & Liberty,

Franco Gonzalez

P.S. “It’s all fun and games until someone gets sick and tired of being broke.” Don’t wait too long…

All fun and games until poverty strikes

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