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Exactly how I went full time online

By Franco Gonzalez | List Building


If you can read and share this one little booklet, you can make money online starting in as little as 24-48 hours. Read it. Share it. Make money online. Simple. Click and read it today.

Jan 13
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This is what I did to create a full time cash flowing business online from scratch…

Hey there it’s Franco.

I want to share with you exactly
how I went full time online…

So by now you’ve read the
Simple Freedom Booklet, right?

Simple Freedom Booklet

The main message in that
book is that you have power.

You have the power to choose
to make this online stuff VERY
complicated, difficult and almost


You have the power to choose
to make it simple, fun and easy.

The first step is up to you.

It’s up to you to make the decision.

Because if you focus on it being
difficult, your unconscious mind
is going to find every single way
to prove you right

…and it’ll find all kinds of reasons
why this is super complicated and
you can’t do it.


If you focus on how simple this
stuff is, your unconscious mind
will fight to prove THAT correct.

And this will be the easiest
way in your life to create a full
time cash flow stream.

Kona Big Island Hawaii

It took me a while to figure that
out. I learned the hard way.

But in the end it all came down
to be that simple.

Once I made the decision to
keep this stuff simple and have
fun with it, the results came.

The Simple Freedom Booklet
explains the process I used.

It was the same simple process
used by authors, Fortune500
companies and celebrities.

I just lifted it from them.

And it worked.

Basically all I did was focus
on a couple facts. They were:

1. Millions of people just like
you and I are always looking
online for a way to create cashflow.

The home business arena is
a multi-billion dollar space already.

2. Most people in this space are
brand new. They’re looking for
knowledge on HOW this works.

3. Most people would rather make
LOTS of money in a simple way and
not get tangled up in a complicated
way to make peanuts.

That was it.

So I decided to be the person
starting up the conversation by
posting content online that asked:

“Hey, are you looking for a simple
and fun way to create full time cash flow

“If you are, then click here and I’ll
teach you how this works…”

And that simple concept started
a conversation in the person’s mind…

…they clicked on my link to find out.

And they got to page like this and
filled it out to get more information…

The Simple Freedom Booklet

And then they learned this lesson
I’m teaching you right now.

And then they were interested
in what program I was using to
monetize the conversation.

That’s what the Simple Freedom Booklet
teaches. How to start those conversations
in a way that keeps it going 24/7 online
all around the world…

Thousands of people are reading it
right now. Thousands of people are
reading this blog post too…

Thousands of people are reading
my emails… all around the world.

Thousands of people are watching
this video that monetizes the process.

Power Lead System Sales Video

Thousands of people reading this
come from the networking or affiliate
marketing arena to begin with, so they
know about buying into programs, and
compensation plans.

So they know it’s like a virtual
franchise online they can start.

They joined programs before that
didn’t work because they never had
real training or support…

They’re looking for a solid way to
both learn the skills and to earn
at the same time. I give them that.

And then they see how we can work
together to get more people to read
this info…

…and as they do, they can create a
significant cash flow by being the one
who starts the conversation.

Simple messages.

That’s all we do…

…is start simple messages.

I start them by posting on my blog.
I start them by posting on facebook.
I start them by writing these emails.
I start them with simple, cheap advertising.

These messages get people to this video.
These messages get people to the booklet.

That’s the easiest way to convert leads
into sales (cash flow) for you.

Then I book a personal phone coaching
session with them to help them launch
their business and get results.

I teach them the basics.

Then once I teach them the basics and
see how the real big money is basically
pure profits on the back end with
high commissions, they get positioned
to earn big commissions here and create a
full time income faster than 99% of the space.

The videos and the booklet do all the explaining.
They take all the rejection too.
They absorb all the resistance.

They also close all the sales.

With or without me, it works.


Because it’s a system.

It’s a system that gives a very
specific group of people exactly
what they’re looking for online.

Systems work better than people most times.

Do you see how the process works?

At this point, most people ask:

“But what’s the program?”

“What are we selling?”

We’re selling a cash flow system.
We’re selling the training needed.
We’re selling a way to make money.
We’re selling the certainty they’re looking for.

The programs and tools we promote
deliver the products and services and
systems needed by marketers online.

They pay significant commissions.
They pay passive income as well.
They pay little commissions.
They pay big commissions.
They pay monthly “recurring” commissions.

All we do is get the message to the people.

We simply get the message in front
of the people. Like I got it in front of you.

You got here because of a post on facebook
or because I bought traffic by advertising.

You got here maybe because of a blog post
or a simple little video online.

You were in that pile of traffic.

Somehow you asked for information like this.

And now you’re here.

See how simple that was?

I can teach you exactly how I did it
so you can do it too.

You can be doing the simple cheap
little advertising to get my message
in front of masses of people…

Then they’d be going to your version
of  our program’s presentation.

Then they’d start getting your
version of our follow up emails.

And the system would help you
sift through the duds to find the

And you’d make money from those
sales. Then you’d just place more ads.

That’s the system.

Then your new people would
plug into my training and they’d
start doing the same thing…

Then they’d start making sales too…

And you’d make passive income from
the overrides of their sales.

They’d make their money.
The program owners would too.

And the program would send you
passive income overrides from the
sales of your referrals.

That’s how I went full time.

I offered free information to people
looking to learn what I do…

Then I made commissions from
the low cost first offers in my system…

Then people would buy the offers
on the back end which paid me
higher commissions, sometimes
even $2,000 per sale.

There are buyers for every market.

That’s why I decided to be a seller
of the offers they were looking for.

That’s how I would turn a simple
$7 buyer into a person who invested
$3,000 into their education and business.

This is how you can create high cash flow too.

Making $100-$250 daily with my system
then turned into a steady stream of people
generating $3,000+ cash flow weekly.

The system organized it all for me.

All I did was keep the main message out
in my ads and posts that I could help
anybody learn how to make money online.

And it works every day.

I want to show you personally how it
can work for you too. Are you ready?

So, how do you start?

What do you do first?

That depends…

It depends on if you want to make
a LOT of money or just waste your
time working for peanuts online.

If you want to do big things, then
you’d start here and get positioned
to receive large commissions monthly.

Click right here and watch the video.

It explains everything.

Now if you’re a bit nervous, skeptical
or on a super tight budget but you still
want to learn how to make this work,
then click right here and get
started with my system for free.

Watch this video and you’ll see
how super affordable it is to get started.

Free Lead System Forever Simple Freedom

Then I’ll show you how to get this
message in front of the masses.

That’s really all its about.

Get the message in front of enough
of the right people and someone like
me is going to read it and love it and


Because I understood the process.

I wanted to be positioned to earn on
everything and I wanted to earn BIG
so I bought every single thing and all
I wanted to learn and master was this:

“What’s the fastest way to get this
simple message in front of the MASSES?”

And once I learned that, I went full time.


And I never looked back.

But remember that was only because
I made the decision to make this SIMPLE.

I didn’t over complicate anything.

Because I knew people wanted something
simple too.

And that’s what we do.

So, if you’re serious about working with me
and learning to do EXACTLY what I do daily
to create full time results 100% online, then
start here with me and let’s get to work:

Click here and watch this video.

It’s the first step to big things.

I’d ask you not to try and complicate it.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Text me, email me, facebook me.

Whatever it takes.

And let’s get you some results.

See you in the next email tomorrow.



P.S. The worst enemy of success
is procrastination. Don’t waste time.
Either you believe this works or you don’t.

Either way, it’s ok.

Just don’t waste time.

Don’t procrastinate.

Decide you want this or decide it’s a scam.

Either way, just decide.

I’m here. I’ve been here 14 years so
I don’t need any convincing and I don’t
try to pitch or convince anyone that this
works. I just look for gamers.

Click here and watch this video and
let’s make you some Money.

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About the Author

Hey there I’m Franco Gonzalez. I can help you make money online and simplify the whole thing. I’ve been teaching this full time for over 14 years. Grab my eNewsletter first for tips and basics. And if you have any questions, just ask me. I’m always on Facebook.